"CALL ME MADAME ALICE is a tale told on a perfectly etched landscape featuring a wondrous mix of tones both dark and vibrant.  K.W. Garlick serves up a beautifully balanced meshing of the normal and paranormal in a fashioning a tale epic-like in its sprawl and deeply disciplined in its conviction.  Think Caleb Carr or E.L. Doctorow ably mixed with Stephen King at his most subtle.  Both historical and prescient, timely and traditional,  CALL ME MADAME ALIICE is a 20-carat gem of a book, the value of which increases with the turn of every single page."  -Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author
Call Me Madame Alice is unpredictable and captivating right from the beginning.  Garlick has an extraordinary talent for picturing a moment. It is a wonderful combination of mystery, catastrophe, love and history.  The book' s rich and vivid detail will keep you turning the pages.  - D. Pereira


Loved it !!! Exceptional read.  A moving book that has many captivating elements within it.  Captures the essence of human interaction within a mystifying story line. - Chuck


Really great book.  Fascinating read start to finish !!!!  Touches upon a myriad of interesting subjects, whether it be the intrigue surrounding the Titanic sinking, the aftermath of natural disasters or the mysteries surrounding individuals born clairvoyant. It sucks you in from the moment you start and before you know it you are at the end and left wanting more.   - R. McCrachen


This was a great historical novel, as it dealt with the familiar themes of Narragansett Bay, the sinking of the Titanic and the ,38 Hurricane.  Garlick displays a colorful imagination while bringing a courageous and resilient heroine to life throughout heartbreak and struggle.  An ambitious and empathetic first novel from a man who clearly will have much to offer in future writings.  Great Job!   -An Amazon Customer

Great Book!  I read about 75% of it in one sitting.  The short chapters left me thinking to myself that I could finish just one more and next thing I knew I was finished with the entire book.  I particularly enjoy historical fiction and this was a great story with some interesting history lessons along the way.  And, if youhave any connection to the New England area, it's also a bit fun to read about places you know weaved  into thebook. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. - Ben D.



"George’s Hurricanes is claustrophobic in setting but sprawling in story. Ken Garlick has fashioned a taut and terrific tale, rich in gothic overtones, that’s reminiscent of both Jeffrey Deaver and Harlan Coben at different points. This darkly   atmospheric, island-based serial killer tale is a tour de force of tension that will make you think twice about going anywhere you can’t reach by road.”   -Jon Land… USA Today bestselling author