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Call Me Madame Alice

Set in the bustle of Gilded Age New York, the slow grim shipyards of post-Industrial England, and the deceitful calm of Narragansett Bay, Call Me Madame Alice is a sprawling tale spanning many decades in the lives of its characters. Garlick deftly weaves together places and people, ghosts and grief, in a thrilling story that brings together in vivid detail some of the most recognizable names and events of the early 20th century. At turns poignant and mysterious, terrifying and touching, Call Me Madame Alice is at once a crime thriller, a ghost story, a period piece, and a family drama, uncovering the roiling secrets that lie in the human heart and under the icy waves.


SARAH – plagued since childhood with terrible visions of the future, she uncovers a sinister plot surrounding the sinking of the Titanic that threatens her life and her sanity. As the web of deceit unravels slowly over the years she must strive to overcome the forces set against her and rebuild her life and her sense of hope in the face of tragedy and evil.


DELILAH – Her young life is shattered after a catastrophic storm rages through the idyllic peacefulness of Jamestown, Rhode Island in the late 1930s, tearing her family apart and forcing her into a fateful struggle with supernatural powers and the specter of her own grief. Can she piece herself together amidst the storm's wreckage and draw her mother back from the brink of madness?


SIMON – His young wife taken from him by the Spanish Flu, he takes solace in the healing powers of the occult. When a woman from his past seeks his help, he is faced with his most harrowing challenge yet – soothing the restless dead and the family they've left behind. 

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Among the salt flats and the interior forests overgrown with bull brier, the opulent homes and the little shacks, somewhere a killer has been at work for nearly forty-two years. The locals all know; when the hurricanes begin, so do the murders.
In Narragansett Bay off the coast of Rhode Island lies an island called Prudence, sparsely populated and accessible only by boat. What no one knows is that George Caswell, the local eccentric, is exacting his vengeance on this blithe community for the deaths of his family. When the body of a woman washes ashore after another violent storm, Brad Wheeler, the island’s only lawman, must uncover the secrets of Prudence and match wits with an unknown foe—but is a human responsible, or something more sinister?


The Eldridge Incident is a riveting World War II naval adventure with a twist, showcasing Garlick’s unique brand of ghostly fiction intertwined with real historical events and bringing together familiar characters from previous works for one final mission that may be their last. Will their efforts prevail? Find out in this latest installment of The Madame Alice Tales, The Eldridge Incident.